Youtube metal detecting videos for great tips!

Youtube metal detecting videos can offer some great tips. . .

Beach metal detecting can be a great hobby and sometimes very frustrating to say the least and I am always on the look out to better my chances of finding more great items on the beach. I often find myself looking at the many metal detecting video on Youtube that offer some great entertainment, along with some really good tips and advice (as you can see below)

There’s nothing better than watching someone metal detecting on the beach in real time and finding great items, especially if it’s filmed on your local beach. These videos can offer some great insight in your local area along with giving you hope in finding some great stuff to.

The video below is not my own, but is one of the many great video posted by Surfdigger. Great videos that are entertaining and offer great tips, well worth a look and i always love sitting down and seeing what comes out of the sand.

LIVE – My own metal detecting Youtube channel

For those of you who are interested in beach metal detecting, then my own Metal Detecting Youtube Channel is now live and I will be bringing you tips, advice and finds from my trips to the beach.

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