Why go metal detecting?

I often get asked why I go metal detecting / treasure hunting? There are some who think I am totally mad getting up before first light to be on the beach for sun up, or walking around a field with my head down listening for the faint signals of lost hammered coins..

The simple answer is the thought that you just never know what will turn up. The expectation of not knowing what you might come across while out metal detecting, it really could be anything (it’s usually rubbish though). Field sites have had activity on them for thousands of years. Ploughing by generations of farmers and use in all sorts of other ways has left it mark and finds in the ground.

Beaches are always changing and sometimes it takes just one tide to change the shape of the beach, especially during the winter. Beaches are always replenished with new finds each year as thousands flock to the beach to enjoy the sun.

In answer to the question again, it’s the thought and expectation of not knowing what’s out there, geting out in the freah air searching for the past, and just never knowing what you might find.

You either like it or you don’t, but give it a go before you make up your mind!

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