Beach metal detecting bags a Victorian Gold Ring!

beach metal detecting gold ring findMetal detecting on the beach can be very rewarding!

Beach metal detecting can be very frustrating but there are times when it can be very rewarding and lucrative. You might have seen my other lucrative finds from the beach but one of my latest finds is one of my best. . . OLD GOLD!

Searching a local beach recently, I targeted a low spot on the beach as I only had a few hours. It was a Sunday afternoon and I wasn’t expecting to much as the beach was packed with storm watchers and dog walkers.

It wasn’t long before I was digging up lots of old Victorian coins with my Minelab Explorer XS when then the next signal was a low tone but fairly clear, a tone I recognised. You can see from the video below what came out of the sand. A Victorian Gold Ring and beach metal detecting can be a very lucrative hobby.

The Victorian ring was in great condition and you can see by the images below that it is stamped with 18ct.

The gold ring was the second bit of gold I had that day but more on that to follow.

Here’s a couple of close up images of the ring which has been cleaned in tap water only and came out of the sand as shown. For me it really shows that metal detecting really can be a great hobby.

beach metal detecting gold ring findmetal detecting beach find - gold ring

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