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Old beach Metal Detecting finds videos that seemed to have caused a stir when uploaded!

Beach metal detecting can be fun and very lucrative as I have certainly found out over the years. It’s amazing what you can find and you just never know what’s down there. Most of the time it’s trash and modern coins but sometimes you strike it lucky and find some great stuff. The two finds in the videos above where found a few years ago during major storms and really made my day, but I wasn’t prepared for some of the reactions to follow. . . .

find out what I mean below. . . .

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Beach Metal Detecting on Torre Abbey Sands Torquay – part 2

metal detecting on the beach in torquayIs Beach Metal Detecting Torre Abbey Sands any good? Let take a look -part 2

Part 2 of Beach Metal Detecting Torre Abbey Sands, looks at the middle and Corbyn Head section of the beach. An area more rocky in nature and where you will find the beach huts and the beach cafe.

Moving along the beach from the white bridge end of Torre Abbey sands, the sand drops off and is always much lower than the flatter bridge end . It’s here you can glimpse the number of steps that actually go down into the sand and this is shown in the picture below. Notice that only a few steps are visible at the other end of the beach. At the far end you can gauge how much new sand is on the beach by the number of visible steps. Continue reading