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Cheap Kids Metal Detector that works a treat

Hours of fun with this cheap kids metal detector, and see it in action!

Cheap kids metal detector that actually works at a great price - available now!You can’t go far wrong with this kids metal detector, as it’s cheap and actually works as a metal detector. See it in action below on our quick dry sand test at the local beach.

It was great fun and we will certainly be back when its warmer.

I have reviewed a few metal detectors for kids and this review focuses on the Ferrous / non-ferrous metal detector. It’s small enough to be used by children of all sizes and can be adjusted. It’s lightweight, can be used for long periods of time and has a set of simple, effective controls and functionality. Above all, it actually works as a functioning metal detector (see it in action below) that can pick up metal objects to a reasonable depth. A great choice as a kids metal detector and one that will offer hours of fun.

See here for the latest price

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