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Cheap Kids Metal Detector that works a treat

Hours of fun with this cheap kids metal detector, and see it in action!

Cheap kids metal detector that actually works at a great price - available now!You can’t go far wrong with this kids metal detector, as it’s cheap and actually works as a metal detector. See it in action below on our quick dry sand test at the local beach.

It was great fun and we will certainly be back when its warmer.

I have reviewed a few metal detectors for kids and this review focuses on the Ferrous / non-ferrous metal detector. It’s small enough to be used by children of all sizes and can be adjusted. It’s lightweight, can be used for long periods of time and has a set of simple, effective controls and functionality. Above all, it actually works as a functioning metal detector (see it in action below) that can pick up metal objects to a reasonable depth. A great choice as a kids metal detector and one that will offer hours of fun.

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Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector, great for children.

Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector

Ideal for children as an introduction to metal detecting

Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detectorbounty hunter junior metal detector

My overall rating
Build Quality
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If your a metal detectorist with young children it’s only a matter of time before they want to follow their dad onto the beach or field and try metal detecting themselves. This is the first review of a metal detector which would be ideal for the smaller members of the family. The Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector is ideal for ages 8 to 11 and the length of the metal detector fits most of that age. It’s a sturdy design and build and can be used straight out of the box with the insertion of two 9v batteries. This is ideal as the children won’t be able to wait to get their hands on it. Continue reading

Kids Metal Detector

A Kids Metal Detector and what to look for?

Kids metal detector on AmazonAs a metal detectorist with young children it is a fact of life that my children will want to follow their dad onto the beach or field and try their luck and metal detecting in the hope of coming back with a hand full of treasure. With this comes the problem of choosing a metal detector suitable for a young child. A kids metal detector can be a tricky product to buy. I say this as my Minelab Explorer XS is a professional metal detector (even if it has been surpassed by more recent Minelab metal detector models) and you will have to realise that kids metal detector will be very limited in comparison to adult metal detectors on the Market.

When I state “kids metal detector” I mean the item aimed at 5 to 7 years olds that are more of a toy than an actual metal detector. On saying this I have been surprised on occasions as to what my son has picked up. Continue reading