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Beach metal detecting – 5 tips that will help you find more

5 Beach metal detecting tips that will help you find more!

Beach metal detecting finds

There’s nothing like beach metal detecting on a bright summers morning with that anticipation in the air that you just might find something great. It can be a very addictive hobby, and very lucrative at times, as you just never know what you may find. The beach can hold all sorts of finds (along with lots of trash) but not knowing what is going to turn up is something I love about the hobby.

I have been metal detecting / treasure hunting for 20 years and this will be the first in a series of articles where I pass on some of that metal detecting knowledge. We start with a few tips on beach metal detecting and I hope some tips will help you find more!

Beach metal detecting can be a specialised business and I say this as not all metal detectors can

Minelab Explorer xs

My choice for beach metal detecting

handle the ground. This is due to the high salt content of the sand and muds combined with the salt water. If beach metal detecting is your passion then make sure your metal detector of choice can handle the ground conditions.

For myself I chose the Minelab Explorer XS, Explorer (Minelab Explorer Review) which is a quality, all round metal detector with full band spectrum detecting. It will handle many ground types and situations, including the harsh conditions on beaches. In general, this particular metal detector is for the more advanced user and can take a lot of getting used to, but has superb handling and performance.

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