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Beach metal detecting tip – Pick the best tides!

Beach metal detecting can be a fun and sometimes lucrative hobby, but I often get asked when is the best time to go? When the tide is out is always a good option unless you want to get wet. . 🙂

Beach Metal Detecting Secrets – Look for the fishing weights, they point to gold!

beach metal detecting gold ring find

Look for heavy objects – fishing weights could mean gold on the beach!

You know what it’s like when you’re our beach metal detecting and finding those old fishing weights time after time. It can be a drag and when I first started metal detecting on the beach I used to get frustrated and move on from areas where I kept picking out these fishing weights.

Learn form my mistake a see why finding those heavy fishing weights is a good thing!

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Beach metal detecting finds in Devon – bullet, bullet bullets!

beach metal detecting find from a Devon beach

You never really know what you are walking over when you’re on the beach in the summer and some of my beach metal detector finds back this up, take a look below! I often go metal detecting on the beach in the winter, at the same location I take the children during the summer, and I’m always stunned as to what comes out of the sand.

Take a look below to see why?

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Old beach Metal Detecting finds videos that seemed to have caused a stir when uploaded!

Beach metal detecting can be fun and very lucrative as I have certainly found out over the years. It’s amazing what you can find and you just never know what’s down there. Most of the time it’s trash and modern coins but sometimes you strike it lucky and find some great stuff. The two finds in the videos above where found a few years ago during major storms and really made my day, but I wasn’t prepared for some of the reactions to follow. . . .

find out what I mean below. . . .

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Old coins while beach metal detecting

beach_metal_detecting_findsIn the correct place at the correct time – beach metal detecting fun!

For myself, beach metal detecting means fresh air and a load of modern finds and of course the usual trash. There are a number of beaches which I have found older stuff on and always return to these to see what is producing, but normally it’s newer finds and trash.

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5 more beach metal detecting tips to help you find more

5 more beach metal detecting tips to help you find more

Beach metal detecting can be a fascinating hobby and there are times when it can be very lucrative. With me saying this, don’t rush out and buy a beach metal detector and expect to get rich quick. Beach metal detecting is great and you will find coins and jewelery if you put the time in. Like many hobbies you need to know how to use your metal detector correctly (make sure you buy a metal detector that can handle the wet salt sand while you are metal detecting on the beach) how to read the beach and the best conditions to search in. Below you will find 5 more tips to help you find more while metal detecting on the beach. Continue reading

Cheap Kids Metal Detector that works a treat

Hours of fun with this cheap kids metal detector, and see it in action!

Cheap kids metal detector that actually works at a great price - available now!You can’t go far wrong with this kids metal detector, as it’s cheap and actually works as a metal detector. See it in action below on our quick dry sand test at the local beach.

It was great fun and we will certainly be back when its warmer.

I have reviewed a few metal detectors for kids and this review focuses on the Ferrous / non-ferrous metal detector. It’s small enough to be used by children of all sizes and can be adjusted. It’s lightweight, can be used for long periods of time and has a set of simple, effective controls and functionality. Above all, it actually works as a functioning metal detector (see it in action below) that can pick up metal objects to a reasonable depth. A great choice as a kids metal detector and one that will offer hours of fun.

See here for the latest price

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Beach metal detecting at Torre Abbey Sands part 1

Beach Metal Detecting at Torre Abbey Sands

Beach Metal Detecting at Torre Abbey SandsSome great metal detecting finds can be had at Torre Abbey Sands.
If you are looking for a flat sandy beach in Torbay to do a bit of beach metal detecting on, then Torre Abbey Sands in Torquay is certainly a beach to consider!

With a flat open surface, fine sand and very easy access, it will certainly give a up a few modern finds over the summer months.

This is one of my favourite beaches in the bay and one that has thrown up a few nice finds over the years.

With years of metal detecting under my belt, I have been metal detecting on numerous beaches in my time. Beach metal detecting can be a very rewarding hobby and sometimes lucrative. I will not give away all the great hotspots on this beach, as half the fun is finding them for yourself and having a great time doing it.

For other information on beach metal detecting take a look as some great books packed with tips to help you find more.

Below I will highlight some great spots to use your metal detector on Torre Abbey Sands and point you in the right direction for some great finds.

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Minelab Explorer XS review, hammered coin finder!

Minelab Explorer XS Metal Detector

Minelab Explorer XS Metal Detector

My overall rating
Build Quality
Value for Money

Minelab are one of the best and well know producers of metal detectors for many sectors. One of these sectors being the hobby Market and the Minelab Explorer XS is one of the best full band spectum metal detectors on the market.

As a user of a Minelab Explorer XS metal detector I am a little bias, but I can safely say that without a doubt, Minelab metal detectors are some of the deepest, most accurate metal detectors money can buy. It’s a metal detector that is backed up with a company that is second to none in the quality of it’s metal detecting units.

The Minelab Explorer XS has been surpassed by newer Minelab metal detectors but still has it’s place well and truly at the top of it’s game. With newer Minelab metal detectors on the market, the Minelab Explorer XS has an advantage (I certainly see it as an advantage) in that you can buy one of these top rated metal detectors at a fraction of their original price.

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