Silver hammered coin at the club dig

Silver hammered coinSilver hammered coins are always great to find and I see them as little disks of art, and each one has it’s own character. I am also amazed that you never know what will turn up when metal detecting and today’s club search was an eventful one.

About an hour into the dig my digging spade broke, which is not great considering that I had left my back-up spade at home.

Lucky enough, I was able to used a spare spade from another member at the club dig, thank god for that. It was about 5 mins after getting use of the new spade, that I had a great signal. A signal that I could not ignore and after digging  a small whole in the rock hard ground, saw a lovely hammered coin looking back at me.

The pictures below show the detail on the coin and I will never get bored of seeing silver hammered coins looking back at me when metal detecting.

silver hammered coin

Silver hammered coin



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