Old coins while beach metal detecting

beach_metal_detecting_findsIn the correct place at the correct time – beach metal detecting fun!

For myself, beach metal detecting means fresh air and a load of modern finds and of course the usual trash. There are a number of beaches which I have found older stuff on and always return to these to see what is producing, but normally it’s newer finds and trash.

The other day I visited a beach that I had detected on previously and the beach itself is very familiar to me. I Changed me location on the beach and was very surprised as to the number of targets I was getting.

It’s summer and a time when the beaches fill with sand and move many older finds out of the reach of a metal detector. Today was different and about 80% of my finds were older coins. It seemed that there was target after target and all were good clear signals.


The oldest dated back to 1854 and was a Queen Victoria head old penny. This particular penny had been on the beach for 150 years or washed in to this area of the beach by the storms. The area is also covered by other people metal detecting on the beach, so I was surprised to find it.

Victorian Penny

Maybe it was the metal detector I was using, which is a Minelab Explorer XS. An older machine but still very reliable.

It was really surprising to see so many older finds on a beach during summer. When the first few old coins came out of the sand I thought it was a fluke, but another was followed by another.

I ended up with 28 coins in total with only 4 being modern coins. The haul also included 10 sixpences which when cleaned will have a lovely silver finish to them. It just goes to show that you never know what will come to the surface when beach metal detecting.

Needless to say, I will be marking this particular beach down as one that can produce older coins and will be going back asap, when it’s not under water that is.

Beach metal detecting can be a great hobby and I have a growing number of tips and secrets to help you find more. There are also many great metal detecting books out there that will help on your way to finding more.


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