Old beach Metal Detecting finds videos that seemed to have caused a stir when uploaded!

Beach metal detecting can be fun and very lucrative as I have certainly found out over the years. It’s amazing what you can find and you just never know what’s down there. Most of the time it’s trash and modern coins but sometimes you strike it lucky and find some great stuff. The two finds in the videos above where found a few years ago during major storms and really made my day, but I wasn’t prepared for some of the reactions to follow. . . .

find out what I mean below. . . .

Anyone who goes metal detecting loves to find objects of value, age or both. I certainly do but also love getting out and about and not really knowing what you are going to find makes it great fun.

Odd reaction to 2 beach metal detecting finds

Finding two gold items as I did, shown in the old videos above, was met with a real mix of feedback when they were first posted. It amazed me to be honest, as I know that the items in the video were found exactly as shown. Nothing was planted, cleaned or set up in anyway but the videos seemed to have caused a real stir and was unexpected at the time.

I say this, as there was lots of great feedback on my various channels but I also got a certain amount of grief saying the finds were fake and would never come out of the ground as they were shown in the videos.

I still get feedback today asking if the videos are fake or not, which I find totally amazing.

For the record

With someone recently asking if the videos were fake, I thought I would set the record straight once and for all. So, here goes with a few points below. . . . 

  • Both gold objects in the videos were found after a storm where the sand in the area had been removed to a level I had never seen.
  • This meant the items were in layers of sand not often seeing the light of day and not disturbed for some time. This means the objects were protected form the actions of the tides and weather for a very long time and were retrieved in great condition, as is often the case with items in such lower levels of the sand. Not everything on the beach is battered to death by tide and time, especially if it sinks to the protective lower hard packed sand layers.
  • Having large amounts of sand removed meant that such items came into range of my Minelab metal detector and it was sheer luck that I was in the right place at the right time. Oh I wish for more days like that.
  • True gold does not tarnish in salt water so can stay in very good condition for a very long time. If you find gold on the beach that is tarnished, it’s the other alloys in the gold that have been effected by the salt water conditions.

The simple truth

The simple truth is that the two gold items came out of the sand as seen and believe me, I am as stunned as everyone who has ever seen my quick video clips. I hope to have more days where I find gold and if I do I will let you all know.

Let me see your gold beach metal detecting finds

I love beach metal detecting finds and have found some odd stuff, like an ipod that actually turned on, but I would love to see you recent beach metal detecting finds. With this in mind, post below and tell me what you have recently found and link to your own page / image if need be.

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