Metal detecting find, Dartmouth Farthing from about 1640?

darthmouth farthing - metal detector findHammered coin metal detecting find!

Dartmouth Farthing of about 1640

Being completely mad on metal detecting, I am are always wondering what my next metal detecting find will be. I am always amazed as to what comes out of the gound and what possibilities are waiting for me to find. Most of the time you can’t plan or really be certain as to what will appear in the next hole you dig. It’s this that makes the hobby so interesting and why this coin was such a surprise when it was starring back at me from the bottom of a muddy hole.

This particular find came to light after spending some time wandering a field with very little to show for my efforts apart from the usual bullets, victorian coins and musket balls.

The image below is one of my most interesting coin finds due to it’s relative scarcity, as they really don’t come to light that much, or so I believe. It was a bit of a mystery but it’s (I believe) a hammerd coin, a Dartmouth Farthing of about 1640. It took me a fair amount of time to track down what it was and if anyone viewing this knows better than please let me know.

Its about 14mm across and came out of the ground as you see here, only having a wash under the cold tap. It was found with my Minelab Explorer XS (review coming soon) at about three inches down on farmland in Devon.

The little research and advice I could find mentions that this coin was issued to the poorer sections of the population, but why this particular coin was struck is still a bit of a mystery.

I plan to reasearch this particular item more and will update this page when I know more, but as mentioned before, I am always amazed as to what comes out of the ground.

For a little more information on this coin take a look at this page at the Fitz Museum

Dartmouth Farthing hammered coin

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