Metal detecting videos

Metal detecting videos are always great to watch, and this is one of the pages where I collect together some great videos I stumble across while on the internet. It will also be the place where you can view my own videos, shot while out searching for those lost hammered coins and beach finds.

To start the ball rolling, take a look at this great video that I came across on Youtube, shot on the beach at Exmouth in Devon. . .enjoy!

Kids Metal Detector that actually works – Ferrous / Non-ferrous metal detector

Kids metal detectors can be a little frustrating but there are a number on the market that work well. The Ferrous / Non-ferrous metal detector shown in the video below works great on the dry sand of the beach and will offer hours of fun for the kids. The video shows a basic review of the Ferrous and Non-ferrous metal detector and look out for the next video where we will show it in action on the beach findings coins in the dry sand.

Beach Metal Detecting on Exmouth beach in Devon


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    Hi Buddy, thanks for sharing and great video. . . .

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