Metal detecting find – Roman bracelet?

metal detecting findWhen you are metal detecting you just never know what will come to light and what will be starring at you from the bottom of the next hole you dig. That is one of the joys of metal detecting and the find shown here was one of those very unexpected finds.

I have been told it is Roman and it was certainly found on a site where Roman material had been found in the past.

A Roman bracelet perhaps, but I will let you make up your own minds. I love the snake like design and pattern to the outer edge and it certainly has some age to it.

I do like to think that it is Roman and that I was the first person today to see it after it was lost all those years ago.

As usual, it was found at a depth of about 5 inches with my trusted Minelab Explorer XS, and this detector has certainly done me proud over that last 7 years.

A close up of the snakes head, with some nice detail.

metal detecting find

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