Beach Metal Detecting Secrets – Look for the fishing weights, they point to gold!

beach metal detecting gold ring find

Look for heavy objects – fishing weights could mean gold on the beach!

You know what it’s like when you’re our beach metal detecting and finding those old fishing weights time after time. It can be a drag and when I first started metal detecting on the beach I used to get frustrated and move on from areas where I kept picking out these fishing weights.

Learn form my mistake a see why finding those heavy fishing weights is a good thing!

I kick myself now when I think of this and what I might have been leaving behind all those years. Lead weights are by their very nature heavy, due to them being made of lead. Obvious you might think but the heaviest object on the beach (relative to its size, which is very important) is gold. . . .yes, GOLD.

If you are find an area which you are finding lead fishing weights then don’t get frustrated, don’t move on. I say this as if the area of sand can hold heavy lead weights within reach of your beach metal detector, then this area increases your chances of finding gold.
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Heavy objects group together on the beach

If the tide is depositing lead weights in this area it stands to reason that the heavy gold objects will not be far away. If the lead weights area also within reach of your metal detector then it’s a good area to go over in as much detail as you can.

I have certainly hit the jackpot in such areas and these areas are usually the low areas on the beach. The lesson in this story is to target the low areas on the beach and if you find an area producing lead fishing weights, stick with it.

If you don’t strike gold, make a note of the area and make sure you return when conditions become right. From my experience over the last 20 years metal detecting on the beach, I will take areas of fishing weights over areas producing old green coins any day of the week. I know for a fact that heavy objects like fishing weights mean there is a chance of gold.

Take a look at a recent gold ring that came from a low area on a beach that was also producing lead fishing weights. Needless to say, I will of keeping a very close eye on the area especially during certain tides when the sand level are reduced.

Learn form the beach metal detecting pros – I know I did and it’s certainly paid off in the past!

More great tips like this are coming your way but you can also learn from the beach metal detecting pros via some great books which are on the market. I’m always learning, even after 20 years and check out these great metal detecting books.


beach metal detecting gold ring find

metal detecting beach find - gold ring


Don’t be frustrated by finding fishing weights as they are just showing you the directions to possible gold. . . .good luck!

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