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A Kids Metal Detector and what to look for?

Kids metal detector on AmazonAs a metal detectorist with young children it is a fact of life that my children will want to follow their dad onto the beach or field and try their luck and metal detecting in the hope of coming back with a hand full of treasure. With this comes the problem of choosing a metal detector suitable for a young child. A kids metal detector can be a tricky product to buy. I say this as my Minelab Explorer XS is a professional metal detector (even if it has been surpassed by more recent Minelab metal detector models) and you will have to realise that kids metal detector will be very limited in comparison to adult metal detectors on the Market.

When I state “kids metal detector” I mean the item aimed at 5 to 7 years olds that are more of a toy than an actual metal detector. On saying this I have been surprised on occasions as to what my son has picked up.

My son is seven and a small lad at that, so this limits him to the detector he can manage. Carrying and using a metal detector can be a tiring business for someone so small. This has to be taken into account and the metal detector that are primarily for the younger children are very limited in their real functionality, but none the less fun to use. In the correct conditions you might be surprised as to what many of them will pick up, but expect a fairly hit and miss approach. My son has used a number of the cheaper kids metal detectors as he has followed me around the beach in the hope of finding the lost coins dropped in the sand. There is a fair selection of kids metal detectors over at Amazon and we will soon be review the pick of the bunch.

Things to consider when buying a kids metal detector

Weight of the metal detector
The weight of the kids metal detector is important as it can be tiring for a young child to constantly walk miles across fields, or on a sandy beach, especially a soft sand beach with fine dry sand, which is the best chance of having success with children’s metal detector. Like the adult metal detectors, the kids metal detector will also need to be carried and operated with one arm. The weight of the detector can also be determined by the number and size of the batteries needed to operate the metal detector, so beware of this.

Lenght of the detector and shaft
Length of the detector and the shaft as this really helps when using the metal detector for any length of time. This is also really important for smaller children like my son. Having the shaft of the detector to short or to long can make using the detector really hard work. Look for one that has an amount of adjustability to the shaft length. If the shaft is not adjustable and is fixed, make sure it is suitable for the size of the child.

Detection indication
Detection indication, which on many kids metal detectors, is usually via a small speaker. Ensure this can be easily heard as you want the finds the metal detector does pick up to be signaled. You don’t want the children to be board in their new hobbya and they will be listening for ANY sound the detector might make.

As mentioned above, the age group I am looking at with regards a kids metal detector are at the younger end of the age range from 5 to 7 and the metal detectors are more of a toy than a metal detector. If you keep this in mind you might be surprised as to what they can pick up, especially on a soft, dry sandy beach in the middle of summer when the holiday makers are dropping their pocket change. If you look at a kids metal detector from this perspective then you will not go far wrong and it will be a fun item to follow mum or dad around the beach with.

There are few kids metal detectors that you might want to consider and my son and I have had some great fun with them on sandy dry beaches and in the back yard. Don’t expect great depth or the detector to register the metal item every time, but it will be great fun for your children and introduce them to a great life long hobby, you might even be suprised on occasions as to what they find.

Kids metal detectors can work and can be great fun

Reviews of the National Geographic Metal Detector and others like it – Coming soon!

Kids metal detector on AmazonKids metal detector reviews to follow soon and I will also be looking at older childrens metal detectors, with an age range for the 7 and over. These more advanced metal detectors start to use the technology we see in adult detectors and are no longer toys as such, but metal detectors that will consistently find.

Check back soon for reviews more information on these slightly more advanced kids metal detectors.

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