ipod – beach metal detecting find

beach metal detecting findI am always amazed as to what comes out of the ground when metal detecting, and certainly when beach metal detecting. The beach is always being replenished with new finds and you just nerver really know what your next signal will reveal.

This was especially so on my recent metal detecting trip to the beach, where one of our finds was an 8GB ipod shuffle. Not and every day find but what’s interesting about todays find was the fact it was found at 4 inches down on wet sand.

beach metal detecting find



What’s even more amazing is the area of wet sand the ipod was found in, was under water when we first arrived on the beach. If that isn’t odd enough, we were stunned to see the ipod turn on when we got ot home. An electrical item that was found in wet salt sand that had been completely covered in sea water for many hours. . . . amazing!

ipod beach metal detecting find


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