Gold rush on Folkestone Beach

Gold buried on Folkestone beachIt never seems to amaze me as to some of the metal detecting stories and articles you can come across. One of the most recent articles that caught my eye was the German artist that had apparently buried £10.000 worth of small gold bars on a beach in Folestone in Kent, England.

This puts a really different slant on things when we say beach metal detecting, as anyone who goes metal detecting on the beach is after those valuable items. Knowing there is a guaranteed £10,000 worth of small gold bars buried on the beach is great to know, dam good to know.

If it was my local beach, it would drive me mad and I think I would be down there every minute of the day, day and night.

I thought the story as a hoax but have then seen material online and the main news about it. The bottom line is that there is £10,000 worth of gold buried on a beach in Kent that is more than likely to be coming to light for some time to come.

As someone who goes metal detecting on the beach, I know that gold is the heaviest object on the beach relative to its size. As such, it soon sinks through the sand out of reach until the storms churn things up again.

Either way, the gold has been buried by German artist as part of an arts festival and all the gold can be kept if / when found. Crowds of people of all ages have on the beach in the hope of finding gold. Metal detectors, spades and hands have all been used to dig on the beach and the gold rush is not going to go away any time soon.

Some of the gold has been found but there are plenty more bits left as far as I can tell. As mentioned, gold is the heavy objects on the beach and will sink through the sand quick after a few tides.

If you are heading to the beach to try your luck, let us know how you get on. Some of the gold bars have already been found so good. Take a look at some of the other news on this new found gold rush.

Gold buried on Folkestone beach

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