Why buy the Garrett Ace 150 metal detector?

Garrett Ace metal detectorThe Ace 150 is not just lightweight and easy to read, it is also an inexpensive metal detector

The Garrett Ace 150 provides useful features for both metal and coin hunting activities. These features include a target ID cursor, a tone ID, a coin depth indicator, an LCD screen, and a headphone jack. The gadget also has shafts that are pushed together by spring clips and while these pieces may seem light, they are also very strong. A good section of buyers who have written a Garrett Ace 150 review especially love the detector for its robustness. It can withstand heavy falls, and will not easily get damaged when accidentally hit against tree stumps or rocks.

The Ace 150 comes with three search modes: coins, jewellery, and all-metal and because of these, a user can adjust the settings to suit specific metal hunting situations. When in the all-metal or coin mode, it can help you trace a lot of different items and when in jewellery mode, it will filter out iron. The detector has three levels on the tone ID as well, and these are the bell, medium, and low tones all which enhance the gadget’s metal discrimination capability. Its additional features include button controls, an adjustable arm cuff, and a low battery indicator.

For a beginner who may not know how to use the device, there is a free DVD that accompanies the detector at the point of purchase, and this can provide a clear guide on how the Garrett Ace 150 works. Still, it’s good to note that this machine works best on dry land.

The Ace 150 is not just lightweight and easy to read, it is also an inexpensive device. Owing to its simplicity, it can be used by anyone who is keen on gathering metals and thanks to its target ID cursor, a metal searcher can pass up trash targets and gather more useful items while hunting. There are more than a few Garrett Ace 150 reviews about hobbyists who have been able to collect gold rings and other precious metal objects while using the Ace 150. However, even if you do not find any gold, this detector is a good one to learn on. If you need any help buying a please contact Crawford MD on 01724 84560

Garrett Ace metal detector

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