Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector, great for children.

Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector

Ideal for children as an introduction to metal detecting

Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detectorbounty hunter junior metal detector

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If your a metal detectorist with young children it’s only a matter of time before they want to follow their dad onto the beach or field and try metal detecting themselves. This is the first review of a metal detector which would be ideal for the smaller members of the family. The Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector is ideal for ages 8 to 11 and the length of the metal detector fits most of that age. It’s a sturdy design and build and can be used straight out of the box with the insertion of two 9v batteries. This is ideal as the children won’t be able to wait to get their hands on it.

Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector – functionality

The overall functionality of the Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector is simplistic as you would expect from a metal detector aimed at young children. It has two dials on the main unit, with one being for the power and the  sensitivity and one for basic target elimination. There is also a needle gauge that is the target indicator for the metal detector and this is backed up by the noise signal when a target is located.
As this is aimed at the younger children there is no head phone socket and i don’t think this is a bad thing, as when the children are metal detecting with you it’s still best that they are aware of there surroundings. Target are notified by the tater indicator meter which measures signal strength and notifies the the user by increasing the signal volume as a target gets closer.

Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector – build quality

This is fairly good for a detector aimed at young children, being of durable materials and the perfect size. Due to it’s size and the fact it take 2 9v batteries it’s not to heavy, a point to remember as it might have to be carried for long periods of time. The textured handle is also great helping with a secure grip and the slight extension functionality is great to adjust it to suit the user.

Bounty Hunter Junior Metal DetectorGood points

  • Ideal size for children and can be adjusted
  • Only take 2 9v batteries
  • Good build quality
  • Simple functionality for ease of use.
  • Easily portable

Poor points

  • Can be hard on some ground to adjust sensitivity and can make odd noises due to this
  • It’s a fun small detector aimed at children and you might expect to much from it


In conclusion, the Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector is an ideal first metal detector for the younger children who want to dip their toe into the world of metal detecting. Lightweight and easy to use, you might be surprised as to what the detector will pick up. If you purchase this detector with a perspective of it being for children, a starting point for them in metal detecting and be prepared for it to be a bit hit and miss on some grounds, it will bring endless hours of fun. It’s a great piece of kit for the youngsters and you might be surprised at to what you find with it.

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