Beach Metal Detecting on Torre Abbey Sands Torquay – part 2

metal detecting on the beach in torquayIs Beach Metal Detecting Torre Abbey Sands any good? Let take a look -part 2

Part 2 of Beach Metal Detecting Torre Abbey Sands, looks at the middle and Corbyn Head section of the beach. An area more rocky in nature and where you will find the beach huts and the beach cafe.

Moving along the beach from the white bridge end of Torre Abbey sands, the sand drops off and is always much lower than the flatter bridge end . It’s here you can glimpse the number of steps that actually go down into the sand and this is shown in the picture below. Notice that only a few steps are visible at the other end of the beach. At the far end you can gauge how much new sand is on the beach by the number of visible steps.

Beach Metal Detecting in Torquay
The steps at Torre Abbey Sands are deep below the sand as shown in this picture.


Moving along the beach shows a dip in the level of the beach and this dip and exposure of the beach steps never seems to change. The sand is always lower here and NEVER builds up to the extent you see at the bridge end. This allows the water to cover this area on all but the biggest tides, which means you will have to pick your times to metal detect on this area of the beach.

metal detecting on the beach in torquayThe sand gives away to the rocks and some good finds are caught on the rough ground, don’t over look this area.

At the far end of the beach where you approach Corbyn Head the rocks from the headland start to appear. These rocks are never covered with sand, not even when the winter storms hit the beach. Don’t overlook this area as some good finds do come out from here. The rocks and rough ground hold the finds and it is worth taking time to search here. As mentioned, this area is the lowest point on the beach and uncovers later in the tide, so plan this in for your visit.

The rocky area also hold patches of sand which are worth searching as items stirred up by the tides and storms fall into these areas. Such areas are often missed by many detectorists, but can be worth a look.

Beach Metal detecting at the Corbyn Head end of the beach and the beach huts

At the far end of the beach in summer there are a row of beach huts and a cafe and such concentrated activity can be a gold mine for coins. Before you all rush off and search this area it can be a bit hit and miss. This is down to it being a popular spot but if you hit it at the right time it can be fun. I have certainly been on this part of the beach with my young son who has walked off the beach with his little pockets bursting with pound coins and a massive smile on his face.

The area in front of the beach huts is rocky so it tends to concentrate the activity on the beach. The beach cafe is also just a few yards off the beach and is accessed via a slipway, again this concentrates the traffic to and from the beach. As such, finds in front of the small beach cafe can be a little gold mine.

Beach Metal Detecting Corby Head in Torquay

Corbyn Head in summer can be packed as the beach bhuts and cafe are at this end of the beach

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