Beach metal detecting ring find – silver ring from the beach

The thing I love about being a metal detectorist is that when you’re out you just never know what you might find. It’s this that makes it very addictive for me and great fun. You just never know what’s going to turn up.

With beach metal detecting, you can walk over the same bit of beach the very next day and find some great finds, which you think you should have found the previous day.

As I said, you just never know what you will find and a very quick visit to the beach the other day confirmed this.

I decided to visit the local beach just for an hour as the tide was right and it was a lovely evening. It was hard going with very few signals and all of them not worth digging. Then, out of the blue, boom, a lovely solid signal that was worth digging.

Can you see it? There’s nothing like seeing that round silver or gold edge to the ring in the sand.

It wasn’t very deep and as soon as a turned the spade I could see the that glint of a silver edge. Well, you can see from the images it was a lovely silver ring which is hallmarked.

My weapon of choice for the day was the Equinox 800 which has no problem with the dry and wet sand of the beach. A great metal detector form Minelab that certainly does the trick.

Boom, silver ring from the beach
You just never know what’s down there.
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