Beach metal detecting finds in Devon – bullet, bullet bullets!

beach metal detecting find from a Devon beach

You never really know what you are walking over when you’re on the beach in the summer and some of my beach metal detector finds back this up, take a look below! I often go metal detecting on the beach in the winter, at the same location I take the children during the summer, and I’m always stunned as to what comes out of the sand.

Take a look below to see why?

Recently I took a few hours to metal detect on Exmouth Beach in Devon. I had driven passed a few days before to see that there had been areas of sand moved by the recent storms. I know for a fact that when the sand is removed and the lower layers of hard sand and rocks are exposed, it can be a great time to crack out the Minelab Explorer metal detector and chance my arm.

In the past, this has paid of well with the reward of gold but you have to be quick. Cuts in the sand at popular beaches often draw the attention of beach metal detectorists like myself.

This gold ring below came from an area of beach that had sand removed by a storm, so I always check the depressions on the beach and wish that I had more days like it.

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beach metal detecting gold ring find

As a someone who metal detects on the beach, you never really know whats down there!

Exmouth had recently been attacked by a storm and the sand on certain parts of the beach had been removed, as you can see in the picture below. A lot of sand had been removed as the old groyne you see at the top of the picture is usually under the sand and not visible at all.

beach metal detecting tip

Gold came to mind when I saw this depression in the sand, even though I had not run a metal detector over this area before.

Hit after hit was the name of the game but all were small bits lead and garbage and then my first bullet came out. It wasn’t long before I had a pocket full of old bullets and my time was running out.

Bullet after bullet came out of the sand but not one coin of any age, or gold. It did dawn on me that I was a little late getting to this beach cut and someone else must have beaten me to it. . . . no gold for me this time.

I say this, as to have not one coin come out of the sand is exceptional and especially in an area like Exmouth beach where the sand had been removed by the storms.

Normally an area like this would have produced a number of old Victorian coins at the very least but not one came out.

It still amazes me as to what we walk over on the beach

As the heading says, I am always amazed as to what comes out of the sand as the area I detected on was an area of beach that me and my children have spent many a summer walking over. Little did we know that just a few feet down there were bullets, lots of bullets. The next time you walk on the beach in the middle of summer, surrounded by holiday makers,  just give a thought as to what’s down there.

The picture below shows just some of the old bullets that came out of the sand that day. Who fired them, what weapon did they come from and what was their target? Who knows, but I will be back to see if I can find some more, or some gold, fingers crossed.


beach metal detecting find from a Devon beach

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