Beach metal detecting can be a lucrative hobby!

beach metal detectingI don’t think there is any other hobby I enjoy as much as metal detecting / treasure hunting and beach metal detecting never stops amazing me as to what can come out of the sand. The hobby can be very rewarding, and sometimes really lucrative, for those willing to put in the time on the beach.

I say lucrative, as at the height of the summer the beach is always replenished with great new finds from the thousands of people flocking to the beach to enjoy the sun.

It can be hard work, especially during the heat of the sun but pick your time and tides well and you could be in for some great finds, some that will stop you in your tracks and make you wonder as to what other items are buried in the sand.

I have been beach metal detecting for many years and it never amazes me as to what beach users lose or what is washed up by the winter storms.

What can you find on the beach?
I often get asked this. . . .

This is a really good question and one that I do get asked on numerous occasions. The most

silver ring find

A ring find clearly marked as silver

simple answer is lots of junk items, but before you click and leave this page, you can also find some very nice items. Items that can hold some great value and if you put the time in, these items will keep coming your way and can be a real surprise.

On many popular beaches there is a lot of trash left over from the many beach users, and if not taken away this rubbish can get re-purposed over the beach time and time again by the winter storms. Not great news you might think, but If you are prepared to dig you share of junk items, you will hit it lucky and find some great stuff.

It’s a great feeling when you see that glint of silver or gold sticking out of the sand, you just never know what’s down there.

As a newbie to beach metal detecting, you can just turn on your metal detector and off you go. I have certainly found some great items like this and every once and a while I just pick a beach and go for it.

Old green coins found on the beach before cleaning

Old green coins found on the beach before cleaning

To increase your finds on the beach you can research your beach and I have written some other beach metal detecting tips which will help you find more..

All beaches are different, but try looking to see where people gather on the beach and where they go swimming. On my local beach there are very distinct areas where the majority of people go swimming, and the areas of the highest concentration of people is also obvious.

Look for where people enter and leave the beaches, look for gullies in the sand cut away by the tide. These gullies can appear and disapper over night so take advantage of them as finds can be deposited within the the gullies by the tides.

The list of tips and advice for helping you to find more while beach metal detecting is a long one and more to follow soon but take a look at my other beach metal detecting tips.

There is also a lot of great beach metal detecting books and information out there that will help you on your way to finding more!

Minelab Explorer XS, the choice for my beach metal detecting!

Minelab Explorer xs

My choice for beach metal detecting

For myself there is only one metal detector, and that is the Minelab Explorer XS. A metal detector that has full band spectrum detecting and can handle pretty much any ground condition. The Minelab will go from the green field site to the wet salt sand and think nothing of it. This particular metal detector is  o longer in production but can still be picked up on various sites including ebay, see listing below.

It’s worth every bit of the asking price and has certainly found some great items for me while metal detecting on the beach. . . .take a look at the image below which sho some of my recent finds.

Beach metal detecting can be a lucrative hobby, but don’t expect to quit your day job and be an over night success. You will find a lot of junk and if you put the time in, keep on learning about the beaches you are targeting, you will find some very nice items.

Valuable beach metal detecting finds

Below is just a few of the things I have recently found with my son while beach metal detecting. The most odd was an 8GB ipod shuffle found 4 inches under the wet salt sand of a beach gully. This particular part of the beach was under water when we first arrived at the beach but we were stunned when the item was cleaned at how and still worked. . . .amazing.

beach metal detecting find

As I have said, beach metal detecting can be fun and lucrative!

beach metal detecting find

metal detecting find

Silver earing found on a recent beacj metal detecting trip.

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