Beach metal detecting at Torre Abbey Sands part 1

Beach Metal Detecting at Torre Abbey Sands

Beach Metal Detecting at Torre Abbey SandsSome great metal detecting finds can be had at Torre Abbey Sands.
If you are looking for a flat sandy beach in Torbay to do a bit of beach metal detecting on, then Torre Abbey Sands in Torquay is certainly a beach to consider!

With a flat open surface, fine sand and very easy access, it will certainly give a up a few modern finds over the summer months.

This is one of my favourite beaches in the bay and one that has thrown up a few nice finds over the years.

With years of metal detecting under my belt, I have been metal detecting on numerous beaches in my time. Beach metal detecting can be a very rewarding hobby and sometimes lucrative. I will not give away all the great hotspots on this beach, as half the fun is finding them for yourself and having a great time doing it.

For other information on beach metal detecting take a look as some great books packed with tips to help you find more.

Below I will highlight some great spots to use your metal detector on Torre Abbey Sands and point you in the right direction for some great finds.

In the summer months metal detecting on the beach in Torquay can be great, but you must plan your hunt. There are two main reasons for this, with the first being that that on most tides the whole beach is completely covered. The second reason is that the beach is not the biggest and can fill up really quickly during the summer, so keep your metal detecting to the early morning and evening (the morning is much better).

Torre Abbey beach itself has a good history and like many beaches in the area, it has been an attraction from Victorian times. In fact, the whole promenade leading along to the harbour is man made and behind the beach the old Abbey and Spanish barn sit, a place where Spanish prisoners of war were held.

Needless to say, that when they built the sea wall and the area around where the Princess Theater now stands, they revealed the long lost ancient forest and the fossils from that era.We are not looking for fossils when metal detecting on the beach at Torquay, as they are a long way down below your feet,  but it does make your mind wonder as to what’s lurking below the beach.

Beach metal detecting at Torre Abbey – the white bridge end

Torre Abbey beach is not massive and can be walked from one end to the other in a few minutes.

Beach Metal Detecting

The shallow beach and soft sand will attract many to the beach during the summer

Don’ t let this put you off as the beach can be PACKED during the summer months and this only means more finds.

Summer can see the sand build up but if modern finds are your goal then this is no problem. Like many beaches, it’s shape, depressions and general features can change in a matter of a few tides. That’s beach metal detecting for you and any changes in the beach can reveal more finds.

I like to think that any movement in the sand is natures plouging, just like the farmer in his field who turns the soil and reveals the new finds.

At one end near the White bridge the sand seems to be at it’s highest and smoothest and it’s this area that attracts the majority of people in the summer months as the beach is shallow with nice soft sand. It’s this combination of soft fine sand and very shallow water that attracts the hordes during the summer.

Backing this area of sand (shown in the image below) is the sea wall and the concrete steps. During the summer months you will see 2 – 4 steps leading down to the sand and sometimes there is only 1 visible.

I know for a fact that the steps go down into the sand for at least another 16 steps or more as my mother used to play on the beach as a child and can confirm this. This indicates the depth of sand here, sand that will be packed with coins and jewellery and refreshed with new finds each week during the summer.

Beach Metal Detecting at Torre Abbey Sands

Steps that back the beach are often exposed and there are at least another 10 steps buried in the sand.

As mentioned, this area has a very gentle slope into the water and attracts the families and sun bathers. Metal detecting on the beach in this area during the summer will result in coins and the odd possible jewellery find. For more concentrated jewellery finds move to a more a central location on this shallow beach area and a little further out, when the tide allows.

Close along the steps that back the beach can also be a good area for coins. The steps themselves attract the beach users as a place to set up camp, especially the families with children. On certain tides this area close to the steps is not always covered and as such becomes very fine dry soft sand. The result is any coins dropped into this fine soft sand vanish very quickly, so a place not to be missed.

This gentle shelving end of the beach can be a great place to pursue your beach metal detecting and during the busy summer months it can be a fairly lucrative area. Being a popular tourist beach the council clean the seaweed and rubbish from the beach in the summer which leaves a nice flat even surface to run your metal detector over.

The video below shows the smooth gentle slope of the beach which attracts the holiday makers to the beach in the summer. In the video it shows the tide going out but on spring tide the water pulls back to the pier itself, about another 200 yards back from where the waters edge is in the video. The whole area can produce but concentrate your efforts in the central area for your jewellery finds.

Best times to metal detect at Torre Abbey sands

Like most beaches in the summer months they can be very busy and as such I restrict my metal detecting to early mornings and early evenings, with the best times being the very early mornings. You must ensure there is a beach to metal detect on, so check the tides to coincide with the water backing off the beach or low water being about 6 in the morning. During the summer it’s complete daylight at that time and you will have a lot of the beach to yourself, or bump into me!

Everyone has their own time table but I would not metal detect during the height of the day. The beach will be packed and this will reduce your finds and you will be completely over run with people wanting to know what you have found, especially the children. This is by no means a bad thing but planning your trip around the early tides will give you a lot more area to cover and a lot more peace.

Part 2 of Beach Metal Detecting Torre Abbey Sands will be posted soon, where I look at the middle section and Corbyn head end of the beach and highlight some of my finds.

If  you were interested in this article then take a look at Beach Metal Detecting – 5 tips that will help you find more.

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