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Beach metal detecting tip – Pick the best tides!

Beach metal detecting can be a fun and sometimes lucrative hobby, but I often get asked when is the best time to go? When the tide is out is always a good option unless you want to get wet. . 🙂

Beach metal detecting videos

Love this video and great finds….

As someone who has a various metal detecting social media channels, I come across a lot of metal detecting videos. To many to list but I found this one pretty good. It’s not Hollywood but there are some great finds so stick with it. The appearance of the Dogfish was a bit random, you will have to watch it to see, but it’s a great video and what a cracking coin.

Metal detectorist gift ideas

If you are a metal detectorist yourself or you know someone who loves to use a metal detector, what do you get them as a gift? We’ve got some great suggestions below…

One of the latest designs is live…

Take a look at the latest video where I show you one of the recent t-shirt designs. There’s lots more metal detecting apparel gift ideas here, you never know you might like one!

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Can you make money metal detecting?


Do you make money beach metal detecting is something I often get asked?

The simple question to this is yes, but there are things you need to consider and take into account and don’t expect to be a millionaire.

Making money metal detecting on the beach can be fairly straightforward (at times). If you put in the time, have a decent metal detector that can handle the wet salt sand, and learn to understand the beaches you are going to metal detect on, money can be made.



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Beach Metal Detecting Secrets – Look for the fishing weights, they point to gold!

beach metal detecting gold ring find

Look for heavy objects – fishing weights could mean gold on the beach!

You know what it’s like when you’re our beach metal detecting and finding those old fishing weights time after time. It can be a drag and when I first started metal detecting on the beach I used to get frustrated and move on from areas where I kept picking out these fishing weights.

Learn form my mistake a see why finding those heavy fishing weights is a good thing!

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Beach metal detecting finds in Devon – bullet, bullet bullets!

beach metal detecting find from a Devon beach

You never really know what you are walking over when you’re on the beach in the summer and some of my beach metal detector finds back this up, take a look below! I often go metal detecting on the beach in the winter, at the same location I take the children during the summer, and I’m always stunned as to what comes out of the sand.

Take a look below to see why?

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Old beach Metal Detecting finds videos that seemed to have caused a stir when uploaded!

Beach metal detecting can be fun and very lucrative as I have certainly found out over the years. It’s amazing what you can find and you just never know what’s down there. Most of the time it’s trash and modern coins but sometimes you strike it lucky and find some great stuff. The two finds in the videos above where found a few years ago during major storms and really made my day, but I wasn’t prepared for some of the reactions to follow. . . .

find out what I mean below. . . .

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What is a metal detector?

What is a Metal Detector?

I could not write a blog on metal detecting without having the obligatory article on what is a metal detector. Even though this is basic information it’s useful for those who are new to the metal detecting hobby. The simplest explanation being that a metal detector is an electronic device for locating metal object buried in the ground. A very simple explanation, but correct, none the less correct.

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