5 more beach metal detecting tips to help you find more

5 more beach metal detecting tips to help you find more

Beach metal detecting can be a fascinating hobby and there are times when it can be very lucrative. With me saying this, don’t rush out and buy a beach metal detector and expect to get rich quick. Beach metal detecting is great and you will find coins and jewelery if you put the time in. Like many hobbies you need to know how to use your metal detector correctly (make sure you buy a metal detector that can handle the wet salt sand while you are metal detecting on the beach) how to read the beach and the best conditions to search in. Below you will find 5 more tips to help you find more while metal detecting on the beach.

I have been beach metal detecting for years and in addition to my previous post – 5 tips to help you find more while beach metal detecting – I have listed an additional 5 tips here which you might find useful. If you do, why not head over to my metal detecting Facebook page and let me know what you found.

Beach metal detecting tips

Do your homework

Doing some research on the beach you are going to metal detect on, is always a good thing and you never know what might turn up. That research might be as little as looking at old beach photographs to see where people congregate, or looking back through records if you think the beach is near a site of historical interest, either way, it is to your advantage to research and understand the beach you are going to metal detect on.

Check the metal detecting forums

Before you head off to the beach it’s always a good thing to check out some forums on the Internet as there might be forum posts that highlight a certain area is producing. At the very least, you can search on the metal detecting forum for older forum posts about the beach you intend to metal detect on. You never know what information will come to light and it’s always worth a try.

Choose the correct beach and give yourself the best chance

Depending on what items you are looking for while out metal detecting its always good to give yourself the best chance of success. For example, if you are targeting recent losses like coins and jewelery, you need to target a beach that is heavily used in the summer months. There is no point expecting to find coins and valuable items on a beach that is tucked away and hard to get to, as this will not have been heavily used. You might get lucky but it’s best to give yourself a good start. In contrast to this, if you are targeted older finds, it’s important you do your homework on beaches with a historical background and target these in winter. I say winter, as this is the best time to metal detect for older items, as the winter storms rip the top layers of sand off the beach and expose the older more compact layers beneath.

Dig everything and I mean everything

Most modern detectors today will have all sort of functionality to discriminate against trash and all sorts of objects. This can be great in the correct conditions and if the user really knows the ground they are working. If you are beach metal detecting then DIG EVERYTHING, I say this as you just never know what is down there. There is also one big reason, as many metal detectors can give a trash signal for thin gold rings and other valuable items. For the sake of digging a bit more trash you will increase your finds, so dig ALL of those signals you get.

Head for the trash and left over BBQs

When metal detecting in the summer, it is fact of life that you will come across all sorts of rubbish left behind by party-goers on the beach from the night before. Do not shy away from these areas as they can be lucrative. You should take care for broken glass and other hazards but these area can bring rewards. I say this, as this trash shows you exactly where the people gather and where the possible finds will be. We have all seen the beach parties and probably been to a few in our time and you will know this is the area where people are lying down, messing around and generally having a good time, and this is where things are lost. The mess left behind is not great, but if you seen the remains of a beach party and you are the first on the beach, head for the trash and you will be surprised as to what comes up.

As a metal detectorist for many years it’s surprising the information you pick up over time and be sure to check back for more updates, reviews, finds and more.

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