4 great places to find Metal detecting videos online

As someone who loves metal detecting, I am always looking for Metal detecting videos, DVDs and video clips. Short metal detecting clips on YouTube are something I am always watching. If you are reading this, I will assume you are an enthusiastic metal detectorist and looking for the same thing yourself.

Metal detecting videos can offer great entertainment when you are unable to get out with your metal detector. The videos can offer great advice on a particular area or type of metal detecting, and above all can show some fantastic finds. The detecting videos can also show you how other metal detectorist might tackle their hobby, their planning and results.

Practical use for online metal detecting videos

There is also a practical use for the wealth of metal detecting videos you can find on the internet, and that is research. Searching for metal detecting video clips on a particular site or beach can highlight some good clues as to where the best spots are, or the best conditions in which to target the area.

I was looking to go metal detecting on a particular beach near where I live. Spending a little time on-line looking for metal detecting videos, I came across the little gem below, all about metal detecting on Exmouth beach in Devon. Great insight into the beach I want to metal detect on, informative and entertaining.

It might be great to watch, but the video clips do have a practical use as well. Watching the metal detecting video about Exmouth beach gave me extra information, and the confidence it was a worth while location.

Where can I find metal detecting DVDs and clips?

4 great places for metal detecting videos

The most obvious, is to look on-line for metal detecting videos on Youtube and there are MANY to chose from. You could spend years looking at all the metal detecting clips on Youtube alone. I have looked at a lot, but as I write this there is one set of video clips I think stand out from the crowd.

They are practical, very well made, cover a large breadth of topics related to metal detecting and bring you together with like minded metal detecting enthusiasts. Above all, the content and quality of these particular metal detecting video clips is very good and some of the best I have seen on-line.

They are brought to you by ‘Treasure hunting America’ and for all those looking at this post from outside the USA, don’t dispare, as the content in the videos is great entertainment for anyone, from any country and some of the finds are fantastic.




MLOTV Minelab owners tv

Another great location for metal detecting video clips

This is another great resource on-line for a wealth of metal detecting video clips. It is based around the Minelab brand of metal detectors, but don’t let that put you off, as there are some really great metal detecting video clips on the website.


metal_detecting_videoTake a look at Treasure Fiend TV

Interesting collection of metal detecting video clips

TFTV (Treasure Fiend TV) is a metal detecting and treasure hunting video website, you can sit back and enjoy coin shooting, relic hunting, bottle hunting, gold panning, and how metal detecting videos, detector models and many more. On looking at the website, they have some great metal detecting video clips that will keep you entertained for hours. There are a good number of categories ranging from beach metal detecting and prospecting to preparation and collections. Each video is accessed by clicking on the video thumbnail which then launches the video clip in the center of  your screen. A lot of the video clips can be found on Youtube, but not all , and is worth a look if you are after some well made metal detecting video clips.

Metal_detecting_DVDs_on_AmazonAmazon a source for metal detecting DVDs

As with many things today, you can buy a small selection of metal detecting DVDs on Amazon for a fair price. There isn’t a great selection but if there is a metal detectorist in the family, they might make a great gift. Either way, be it on-line of via Amazon, there is a massive amount of metal detecting videos out there and I hope you have hours of fun watching them.