Metal detecting finds uk – silver coins

metal detecting finds uk - silver hammered coinMetal Detecting Finds UK

Metal detecting finds in the UK can vary greatly with the wealth of history we have, and as a metal detectorist, you can find some beautiful items. Out of all the metal detecting finds that are possible in the uk, hammered coins are one if the most exciting items that turn up when out walking the endless fields.

For me they are more exciting than seeing a roman coin come out of the ground as they are much more beautiful with the detail on some of the hammered coins being stunning, little works of art. They are only a very small section of what you might find metal detecting in the uk, and sometimes they can be very hard to come by. When you do see that little disc of silver in your hand it certainly makes your heart race. Once the excitement calms down thoughts turn to what type of medieval hammered coin it might be and which king is starring old king is starring back at me.

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