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Can you make money metal detecting HELL YEA!


Do you make money beach metal detecting is something I often get asked?

The simple question to this is yes, but there are things you need to consider and take into account and don’t expect to be a millionaire.

Making money metal detecting on the beach can be fairly straightforward (at times). If you put in the time, have a decent metal detector that can handle the wet salt sand, and learn to understand the beaches you are going to metal detect on, money can be made.



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Beach Metal Detecting secrets – check your beach!

beach metal detecting secretWhen beach metal detecting, many can fall into the trap of thinking that its only the winter where the sand gets removed from the beach, or that only a certain area of a beach can produce the better finds.

It’s also very easy to fall into a rut of only going to a certain beach at a certain time. As I have said many times before, the beach can change over night at any time of the year and if anyone else says any different, don’t listen.

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Old coins while beach metal detecting

beach_metal_detecting_findsIn the correct place at the correct time – beach metal detecting fun!

For myself, beach metal detecting means fresh air and a load of modern finds and of course the usual trash. There are a number of beaches which I have found older stuff on and always return to these to see what is producing, but normally it’s newer finds and trash.

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Beach metal detecting can be a lucrative hobby!

beach metal detectingI don’t think there is any other hobby I enjoy as much as metal detecting / treasure hunting and beach metal detecting never stops amazing me as to what can come out of the sand. The hobby can be very rewarding, and sometimes really lucrative, for those willing to put in the time on the beach.

I say lucrative, as at the height of the summer the beach is always replenished with great new finds from the thousands of people flocking to the beach to enjoy the sun.

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Beach metal detecting secrets – look for the Lugworms?

Beach metal detecting secrets – Lugworms could hold the key!

lugwormI have been metal detecting on the beach for many years and in that time I have picked up some great tips and little secrets to increasing my finds on the beach.

All beaches can be different and you need to adapt these secrets to your given beach. With this in mind, here’s an interesting beach metal detecting secret I want to share with you. It will help you find more and it has certainly helped me over the years.

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Why go metal detecting?

I often get asked why I go metal detecting / treasure hunting? There are some who think I am totally mad getting up before first light to be on the beach for sun up, or walking around a field with my head down listening for the faint signals of lost hammered coins..

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5 more beach metal detecting tips to help you find more

5 more beach metal detecting tips to help you find more

Beach metal detecting can be a fascinating hobby and there are times when it can be very lucrative. With me saying this, don’t rush out and buy a beach metal detector and expect to get rich quick. Beach metal detecting is great and you will find coins and jewelery if you put the time in. Like many hobbies you need to know how to use your metal detector correctly (make sure you buy a metal detector that can handle the wet salt sand while you are metal detecting on the beach) how to read the beach and the best conditions to search in. Below you will find 5 more tips to help you find more while metal detecting on the beach. Continue reading

Beach metal detecting at Torre Abbey Sands part 1

Beach Metal Detecting at Torre Abbey Sands

Beach Metal Detecting at Torre Abbey SandsSome great metal detecting finds can be had at Torre Abbey Sands.
If you are looking for a flat sandy beach in Torbay to do a bit of beach metal detecting on, then Torre Abbey Sands in Torquay is certainly a beach to consider!

With a flat open surface, fine sand and very easy access, it will certainly give a up a few modern finds over the summer months.

This is one of my favourite beaches in the bay and one that has thrown up a few nice finds over the years.

With years of metal detecting under my belt, I have been metal detecting on numerous beaches in my time. Beach metal detecting can be a very rewarding hobby and sometimes lucrative. I will not give away all the great hotspots on this beach, as half the fun is finding them for yourself and having a great time doing it.

For other information on beach metal detecting take a look as some great books packed with tips to help you find more.

Below I will highlight some great spots to use your metal detector on Torre Abbey Sands and point you in the right direction for some great finds.

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Beach metal detecting – 5 tips that will help you find more

5 Beach metal detecting tips that will help you find more!

Beach metal detecting finds

There’s nothing like beach metal detecting on a bright summers morning with that anticipation in the air that you just might find something great. It can be a very addictive hobby, and very lucrative at times, as you just never know what you may find. The beach can hold all sorts of finds (along with lots of trash) but not knowing what is going to turn up is something I love about the hobby.

I have been metal detecting / treasure hunting for 20 years and this will be the first in a series of articles where I pass on some of that metal detecting knowledge. We start with a few tips on beach metal detecting and I hope some tips will help you find more!

Beach metal detecting can be a specialised business and I say this as not all metal detectors can

Minelab Explorer xs

My choice for beach metal detecting

handle the ground. This is due to the high salt content of the sand and muds combined with the salt water. If beach metal detecting is your passion then make sure your metal detector of choice can handle the ground conditions.

For myself I chose the Minelab Explorer XS, Explorer (Minelab Explorer Review) which is a quality, all round metal detector with full band spectrum detecting. It will handle many ground types and situations, including the harsh conditions on beaches. In general, this particular metal detector is for the more advanced user and can take a lot of getting used to, but has superb handling and performance.

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