Can you make money beach metal detecting?

metal detecting find

Do you make money with your beach metal detecting is something I often get asked?

The simple question to this is yes, but there are things you need to consider and take into account and don’t expect to be a millionaire.

 Making money with beach metal detecting can be fairly straightforward (at times) if you put in the time, have a decent metal detector that can handle the wet salt sand, and learn to understand the beaches you are going to metal detect on.

One of my smaller rings finds while beach metal detecting. . .

I have listed a few of my beach metal detecting tips and secrets here which should point you in the right direction. The article ‘beach metal detecting can be a lucrative hobby’, is also worth looking at, and there will be plenty more posts to come.

There are other things to consider, like how close to a beach you live, as driving for miles costs fuel and anything you find will need to cover this cost. Time of year will also have an effect as the summer months see the beaches packed with holiday makers replenishing the beach with new lost items.

beach metal detecting find

A lovely silver ring found in a gully as the tide was backing out.

Winter sees less user activity on the beach but the winter storms will rip up the beaches and deposit deeper finds within range of your metal detector. Winter can also see lots of sand removed from the beach by bad weather, which once again brings finds within range of your metal detector. The winter finds can be the older which have been out of the reach of your metal detector. (See my metal detecting article on older coins)

Competition also needs to be taken into account, as during the summer months many busy beaches will have a number of people beach metal detecting on them. On some beaches this can be a really big factor, which leads onto the next point to consider.

Time of day is also important from my perspective, as you will find that early mornings on a beach will often be the best time to detect. You will be able to recover more, as the beach users will not pester you. Saying this though, it doesn’t mean that metal detecting on the beach on a summers day at midday is not productive. It can be very productive, but it really does depend on the size of the beach and your personnel perspective.

beach metal detecting find

you just never know what will turn up, and my son was over the moon we found this ipod and it still worked.

Tides also play a big part in what you might find detecting on the beach. In my part of the world I have beaches that never get totally covered by the tide and others which planning my hunt around the tides is a must. Dry sand, wet sand or shallow water can all be targeted from the beach. Shallow water metal detecting is a real specialized arm of the hobby and one I have not touched on, but can be very productive.

There are many things to consider when beach metal detecting and making some money by doing this. I think it is possible to make some extra money while taking part in a great hobby. Loose change, jewelry and other things of value are all items you can find while beach metal detecting and I have certainly found my fair share. Just don’t expect to get rich over night and see these lucrative finds as more of a bonus than the normal, but there is money to be had!

I have looked at this from a UK beach metal detecting perspective. If you look at making money while metal detecting on the beaches in the USA, then that is another story all together!