What is a metal detector?

What is a Metal Detector?

I could not write a blog on metal detecting without having the obligatory article on what is a metal detector. Even though this is basic information it’s useful for those who are new to the metal detecting hobby. The simplest explanation being that a metal detector is an electronic device for locating metal object buried in the ground. A very simple explanation, but correct, none the less correct.

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Why buy the Garrett Ace 150 metal detector?

Garrett Ace metal detectorThe Ace 150 is not just lightweight and easy to read, it is also an inexpensive metal detector

The Garrett Ace 150 provides useful features for both metal and coin hunting activities. These features include a target ID cursor, a tone ID, a coin depth indicator, an LCD screen, and a headphone jack. The gadget also has shafts that are pushed together by spring clips and while these pieces may seem light, they are also very strong. A good section of buyers who have written a Garrett Ace 150 review especially love the detector for its robustness. It can withstand heavy falls, and will not easily get damaged when accidentally hit against tree stumps or rocks.

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Youtube metal detecting videos for great tips!

Youtube metal detecting videos can offer some great tips. . .

Beach metal detecting can be a great hobby and sometimes very frustrating to say the least and I am always on the look out to better my chances of finding more great items on the beach. I often find myself looking at the many metal detecting video on Youtube that offer some great entertainment, along with some really good tips and advice (as you can see below)

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Can you make money beach metal detecting?

metal detecting find

Do you make money with your beach metal detecting is something I often get asked?

The simple question to this is yes, but there are things you need to consider and take into account and don’t expect to be a millionaire.

 Making money with beach metal detecting can be fairly straightforward (at times) if you put in the time, have a decent metal detector that can handle the wet salt sand, and learn to understand the beaches you are going to metal detect on.

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My latest metal detecting Youtube video

They say that a picture says a thousand words, so a video must be much better. This is the latest in my metal detecting Youtube video where I show off my better finds.

In this particular video I show you a small silver ring found on one of my local beach. It’s clearly marked as 925 and a lovely tarnish to it.

There are a few more videos over on my metal detecting Youtube channel and plenty more to come.

Beach Metal Detecting secrets – check your beach!

beach metal detecting secretWhen beach metal detecting, many can fall into the trap of thinking that its only the winter where the sand gets removed from the beach, or that only a certain area of a beach can produce the better finds.

It’s also very easy to fall into a rut of only going to a certain beach at a certain time. As I have said many times before, the beach can change over night at any time of the year and if anyone else says any different, don’t listen.

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Old coins while beach metal detecting

beach_metal_detecting_findsIn the correct place at the correct time – beach metal detecting fun!

For myself, beach metal detecting means fresh air and a load of modern finds and of course the usual trash. There are a number of beaches which I have found older stuff on and always return to these to see what is producing, but normally it’s newer finds and trash.

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